Student Feedback

“I started at the Artists Collective around the age of six. I took everything from martial arts to African drumming to tap dancing; I even participated in YABOO.  As an adult, I recognize that my involvement in the Artists Collective led me on a path that steered me away from the fate that many of my peers unfortunately met.”

Herb Virgo, Founder/Executive Director, Keney Park Sustainability Project

“The Artists Collective lets kids live their dream. It lets you feel like you can be who you want. It’s my first year here and I already feel like this is home. I love the programs and the chances this program lets kids have. I see a lot of black heritage stuff, posters, artwork, etc. which makes me feel like I’m at my place. I love how proud this place makes me feel, and truly feel like this is the best program ever. I feel like it has everything it needs….Beautiful and fresh!”

Rachelle, Age, 14

“As long as I been at Artists Collective, I have improved physically and mentally. Dance has helped me learn so much more than I would have following trendy dances. This has been a cultural experience to learn about where I came from and how dance has evolved. I have been dancing here since I was about 6 and I have improved much more than I thought I could. I learn how to make jewelry and pillows. I started on Saturday, and then started making it my daily routine as I grew up. Artists Collective has been a great and challenging experience for my future profession.”

Crystal, Age, 13

“I did a lot this summer. I had a fun but educational time. In Youth Jazz Orchestra I learned different chords, chord progression, and minor and major scales. I also wrote my own song that was featured in the finale play. I made some friends too. All in all, it was a good year at the Artists Collective!”

Aaron, Age, 12

“Marvelous. Awesome. Real. Quirky. Unique. Exciting. Smart. At age 7, I started at the Artists Collective. First type of dance was African. African helps me use my muscles. Tapping shows you to use your feet to make beats. I’ve learned a lot... Send your child to the Artists Collective!”

Marques, Age, 11