Artist Comments

McCoy Tyner

“It was a wonderful experience being at the Artists Collective. Their presence has served the community very well and has offered people hope and inspiration. My hope is that their spirit sets the example for others to follow for years to come.”
–McCoy Tyner

“I have warm memories of our concerts at the Artists Collective and appreciate the honor and personal tribute. Jackie is a most valuable person in jazz education and presentation.”
–Toots Thielemans

Jimmy and Percy Heath

“Between Jackie and Dollie, they have a venue that is an oasis in the desert of Afro American classical music in this nation or perhaps in the world. They carry on a tradition that is sorely needed, and it’s always a pleasure to be at the Artists Collective.”
–Jimmy Heath, for the Heath Brothers.

“A totally inspiring experience to see Little Melonae after hearing the song for so many years, to see the new facility, the way we were treated. A deep friendship between me, Jackie, and Dollie has developed over the years. I have treasured memories. Our friendship became deeper after our concert at the Artists Collective on June 23, 2001.”
–Cedar Walton

Forces of Nature

“The new center is great. We felt at home. The Artists Collective is doing an amazing job of pushing the culture of our people forward.”
–Abdel R. Salaam, Artistic Director Forces of Nature

Illinois Jacquet

“Playing at the Artists Collective was a magical night for me. The atmosphere made me feel at home. The warmth and intelligence of the audience carried me to a higher level and inspired me to perform at my very best.”
–Illinois Jaquet

“The Artists Collective represents the true American dream. It speaks to the genius and determination of the McLean family. Their dedication to building a program so rich in culture has been rewarded with the respect of the arts community.”
–Terence Blanchard

Deeply Rooted Dance Theatre

“The Collective is an extended home, it was a part of my grooming. As a young man I taught here and in the teaching process learned a great deal about the importance of how art can move lives. Coming back with my company and having grown into a true sense of my own mission: I find that I am affirmed and inspired each time I walk through the Artists Collective’s doors to work.”
–Kevin Iega Jeff, Artistic Director, Deeply Rooted Dance Theater